For The Puppies Foundation

About Us

For The Puppies Foundation is a 501(c)3 made up by 7 board members and 3 volunteers.

Board Members

  • Phillip Jackson (CEO)
  • Jennifer Earles (Secretary)
  • Roxy Wilson (President)
  • Terry Chailland (Treasurer)
  • Linda Mills (Vice President)
  • Kimberly Jackson
  • Haley Curry


  • Diane (Volunteer Coordinator for Passion for Paws - Spay and Neuter Program)
  • Janet Seago (Rescue Consultant)
  • Dr. Scott Wilson (Training Consultant)

Our board is made up of members with a vast array of different professional backgrounds. From Teaching to social work, nursing to technical. One thing that we all have in common is a passion for animals. Once Kim got the general idea for the foundation nailed down, she began talking about it with different friends, people in our community and clients. Later, she asked herself, "Who have I talked with about this and was the most excited and asked the most questions?" From that list, we chose our board members.

You can read an overview of our Mission or Vision here on the site.

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