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Making a tax-deductible donation to our Foundation, of any amount, will go a long way towards providing quality care for the animals in our care and in our Guardian Homes. The widget below is specifically for a campaign to get a Spay & Neuter program started for our county and surrounding areas within MS.

This program will be for residence of Mississippi and targeting the Northeast portion of the state. Our county, Alcorn, does not have a low-cost veterinarian option. Nor does it have a healthy/viable Spay & Neuter Program option. And we want to remedy that!

This donation will help us get this new program started and keep it going!

  • You will be required to pay a fee of $50
  • All procedures will be performed in a veterinarian clinic closest to your location or your current vet of choice.
  • We will handle making the appointment, after speaking with you on your responsibilities related to the program.
  • We ask that you be responsible for getting your dog or cat to the safely to and from the appointment.
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