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We have a grand vision for For The Puppies Foundation. We will be the first to admit that. Given that, we recognize that will not be able to accomplish everything, all at once, in the beginning. But given enough time and resources, we feel confident that each of the following are obtainable.

Guardian Homes

Hands down the most important aspect of what we want to accomplish. Recruiting Guardians to be fosters will be vital in our early stages. Granted, it will be important through all phases, but since we are just starting - refining this process into a workflow that is easy for everyone to understand is very important.

Status Update

We are putting together the Guardian Application, which will be the first step in becoming a Guardian. Also, discussions have started on the subject of contracts/agreements that should be signed between all parties.

To read more or apply to become a Guardian Home, check out this page

Passion for Paws - Spay and Neuter Program

Our county (Alcorn County, Ms) recently had their only Low Cost Program put on hold. We are hoping that it returns, but they were not able to perform as many procedures needed to have a real impact on the community. Having two programs, one of which could be Free for qualified families, would be a game changer. One of the other benefits that we want to offer is free transportation for those that cannot afford to make a trip out of town to have their dog altered.


All dogs want to do is make us happy. It's true! Study after study has proven this fact. And all we need to do is take the time necessary to learn how to properly communicate with them. Once we can communicate with them, it is up to us to let them know what we want. On the flip side of that, it is up to us to figure our what they need and provide that for them. Just like any other human relationship that you have ever been a part of, it's a two way street. It takes two to communicate. We want to provide free group training classes for each of our Guardian Homes. Not only preparing Guardian Homes for future dogs or cats, but giving each and every dog a new lease on life. We will be able to award the AKC CGC Ready Certificate to dog, which the rescue will be able to display in all marketing for the animals adoption. Showing the perspective adopter that they are adopting a dog that is ready to handle a new life, in a new home.

Community Center

This is going to be a long-term goal that we have set for our foundation. We want to build out a community center where we can have our own low-cost/free vet clinic, training facility, dog park, grooming center, etc. The sky is the limit! And make it all available to our surrounding communities. Services will require a paid donation, to help fund the center. No real hard details have been set for this project and will be tackled once proper funding is available and other projects are running smoothly.

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